Lashextensions Training

German experience since 2009

Lashextensions Training

Be your own Lash Stylist in 1 or 2 days!

I am doing eyelash extensions since 2009. I also trained it in Germany.

So, I love to show you my skills, experience, tips and tricks to create amazing lashes in the american and europe style.

Because you should know exactly what you are doing and what you are sticking, because the questions of the customers will come. Before or after the treatment. And I want to prepare you for that. Also, the best result to conjure up that lasts long and looks good for a long time.

We offer you a high professional eyelash training in just 1 for the beginner training and 1 day for the advance training.  I teach you with max. 2 students.

This guarantees you that we are only focused on you.

We work with quality products, very accurate, teach you my tips and tricks and prepare you for all questions and answers.

The anatomy and the context with that and the lashes are very important for me.  So you learn to understand why, how and why, which type of eyelashes hold and why not. That is important to find the suitablest lash for each client for an professional result.

Basic Course - 1 day

For me it is important in the Basic Course that we learn on that day that everything you get to know and need to know.

That you are ready to work for customers afterwards.

Here you will learn everything about the 1: 1 technique. This means applying 1 artificial eyelash to 1 real hair eyelash.

We also learn how to glue different types of eyelashes, such as Flat-, Mink-, Cashmere- or OMBRE eyelashes and rhinestones.

On that day you will know about





Product Declaration

Working with different lash types

Frequently asked questions

Showing and talking about the products on the market

Tips and tricks

Working on a mannequin head

Working on models

You are working with the newest products - shiny and soft - for a comfortable feeling.

The basic training is 1 day  from 10am - 6/7pm.

We will start with the important anatomie, knowing all the products on the market and practise on the mannequin head.

After that we have live models for training.

If you should be unsure before you want to start with your own clients in your SPA I can come to be there for your or you can come to see when I work in my SPA on a client. This is for free for my students.

$799 inclusive manual, materialkit, lunch, certificate and tax.

You must be licensed or a esthetician student.

Volumen Master Course

Here we learn everything about the Volume technique in 1 day!

This means that we will create 3-5 light volume lashes (like a fan) and apply them to a real eyelash.

For a more volume looking look!

We also learn how to create different types of eyelashes, such as COLOURED eyelashes, rhinestones,  finished 3D / 5D eyelashes.

On that day we repeat a little from the basic course, learn on the mannequin head and then on live models.

The training is from 10am - 5/6pm.

$650 inclusive manual, materialkit, lunch, certificate and tax.

Requirement for this course is the presentation of a basic course as Lash-Stylists.

You must be licensed or a esthetician student.

Basic Course + Volume Master Course in 2 days

You want to be ready in 2 days for every style thats on the market?

No Problem for me.

You will learn everything above from the basic- and volume course on these days and

you will get a manual and learn all tips and tricks from Europe and Florida to do nice lashes.

The training is from 10am - 6/7pm the first day and on the

second day from 10am - 5/6pm.

$1390 including manual, materialkit, lunch, certificate and tax.

I am happy to see you soon.

If you have questions please call me, text me or stop by in my SPA.

Yours Tina

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