European Experience since 2009 and US trained

Lash- Trainer for years in Germany, too.

Different like the other

You have to come only 1 time a month. Our products are very good.

Lashextensions is the absolutly trend in the beauty industry.

We work with high quality products

(mink, flats, cashmere, different thicknesses, different curles, different colours, light, natural, shiny)

and an approved and pleasant eyelash glue.

So, we have produced our own products for even more softer eyelashes and an adhesive, such as a feather, no scratches on your eyelashes and very easy to wear.

For an even more natural feeling and more shine - because we have all styles and lashes.

Make your appointment and we will choose the most suitable for you!

Advantages of an eyelash extension

Advantages of an eyelash extension

- Easy care,

-  No more mascara needed

- Long durability,

- Water resistance

- Lasting shine

We take a close look at your real eyelashes and then choose the right length, curl and volume for you!

That is very important for us to protect your own lashes.

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No later than 4 weeks, the eyelashes should be refilled where your real eyelashes have renewed.

The number of eyelashes on a new set depends on how full or voluminous you want to have your eyelashes and what´s about your "real" eyelashes.