Microblading - eyebrows to perfection


Eyebrows are crucial for our facial expression and appearance. But often the brows are thin or barely there.

Microblading is a variant of permanent make-up that looks natural.

What is microblading exactly?

Microblading is a process of semi-permanent make-up that allows corrections of the eyebrow shape as well as the complete reconstruction of lost or failed brows. In eyebrow microblading, pigments are placed under the top layer of the skin using a special stick.

There is no machine used, the pigmentation is done manually, which ensures a more natural result. Microblading was invented in the early 21st century.

Everbody are talking about Microblading in the field of permanent make-up. Eyebrows can be made very natural with this new technique. Permanent make-up colors are worked into the skin using manual blades (blades). With the Blades finest hair-drawings are possible. Depending on the drawing technique, an individual look is created for each eyebrow. So-called HD and 3D eyebrows do not suggest that it is a permanent make-up. The results are very natural, regardless of the amount of your own hairs.

For whom is microblading suitable?

Anyone who is dissatisfied with the shape or density of their eyebrows now has the option of microblading instead of the daily eyebrow pencil. In contrast to the previously known permanent make-up, microblading looks more natural. The momentum and the course of the eyebrows are individually adjusted and predetermined by us.

Even if the eyebrows are completely missing or larger gaps, scars or thinning are present, you can help with microblading. The eyebrows are completely reconstructed or partially filled.

What is the difference between microblading and permanent make-up?

Unlike the permanent make-up of the eyebrows, the hairs are individually and naturally traced during microblading. The blade of the microblading pen is considerably thinner than the needle used for permanent make-up. This allows more precise and finer hair to be drawn. In addition, since the vibration of the machine is eliminated, the contours of the hair are more precise and thus more natural than the slightly blurred acting permanent make-up.

How long does an eyebrow microblading last?

The micro-drawn hairs last for one and a half to two years - the durability depends on the speed of regeneration and the fat content of the skin.  The darker the hair and the skin it can last even longer.

In order for the color to remain in the skin after a skin renewal process - which lasts around four weeks - it must be stung below the basal cell layer during pigmentation. Thus, the microblading depth is about 0.8 to 1.4 millimeters.

With greasy skin, the durability of the hairline drawing is reduced a little, and the clarity of the lines is easier to lose. Customers with rather greasy skin therefore often need corrections.

How can I positively influence the shelf life?

After the treatment, care products should be used that are specifically tailored to the needs of pigmented skin. UV radiation, sauna and oily cosmetics should be avoided - especially in the first weeks after pigmentation.

But even beyond the healing process, it makes sense to apply sufficient UV protection and to abstain from oil or fruit acid-containing cosmetic products in the eyebrows.

Is microblading painful and are there side effects?

When microblading is done properly, it is virtually painless. We can apply a slightly anesthetic ointment before starting treatment, which may counteract any discomfort.

Immediately after pigmentation, redness or mild swelling is common due to skin irritation. These usually disappear after a few hours. To support the swelling, you can apply cooling compresses to the pigmented areas for a few minutes.

Can microblading be corrected?

In 90 percent of cases, a correction is required after one month. This additional intervention can have several reasons:

- The penetration depth of the pigment is low and the lines are very thin - thus it often happens that in some areas a repetition of the pigmentation is necessary.

- After healing, additional customer requests regarding the shape and thickness of the eyebrows can be discussed and changes made.

- If someone is not sure about the color intensity, the treatment can first be done with a lighter shade and after one month if desired the color can be intensified.

What else should one know and pay attention to microblading?

It is important that the treatment is carried out in a sterile environment. The microblading expert must disinfect the skin and all tools (pencil, knife, micro brush) before starting the procedure.

Dissatisfaction with customers is mainly caused by bad or incorrect pigmentation - this risk can be minimized by choosing a well-trained professional. Because the stitches are done manually as opposed to permanent make-up, the experience of microblading plays a significant role in terms of quality.

In addition, please note:

- In several diseases, the pigmentation should be discussed with the doctor.

- After Botox or hyaluronic acid injections, the effect must be greatly reduced before pigmentation. It would be better to have the injection done after the pigmentation.

- In addition, it is advisable to do a sensitivity test with the color before starting microblading in order to avoid an allergic reaction to it.

When should you not do microblading?

Certain groups of people should rather not carry out microblading.

Contraindications are:

- pregnancy and breast feeding period

- acute infections like cold

- mental disorders

- Type 1 diabetes

- the possibility of the formation of keloid scars

- epilepsy

- inflammation

- severe, physical illnesses

- reduced blood clotting (congenital or through medications

Drawing and measurement your desired eyebrow shape before starting the Microblading and I have 4 different numbing creams if you would need it. Because it´s important for me that you´re relaxed during the treatment.


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Microbladingtreatment NEWSET                                         $350

  Touch- up if needed after 4-6 weeks                                    $70     

"Just add a little colour"                                                               $200

Refreshing within 12 month                                                      $120

Refreshing over 12 month                                                          $200

Renewing over 2 years                                                                 $350